Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Protecting the boards

I’ve been giving the transport and protection of my scenic boards some thought and have devised a relatively simple way of avoiding them from being knocked in storage/transit. 

The front side (punters side) of the layout already has velcro attached ready for curtains.  So it’s easy to add a velcro-ed panel which with hinges can then bend 90 degrees over the top of the board covering the scenics.  I intend to add some small brackets at the top end to clip over the backscene keeping it all in place.  Given teh boards are always carried upright, it won’t be a problem that these would fall away when held upside down!  The sides are then added in the same way, hinging off the top.  However I can’t have velcro here (if I did the boards wouldn’t abut up to each other during use) so something to tie the corners together is necessary – perhaps two smal knobs and elastic bands to hold the corners?

The plywood (6mm) is in stock and I got the nice bloke at B+Q to cut the pieces for me using their bandsaw so I’m halfway there already!


Michael Campbell said...

A common approach if boards are of identical size (..!) is to invert one over another, and add "end-plates" from Ply. These can be bolted to holes in the ends of the boards. The Backscenes cover the sides. This also assumes that two boards together are not too large/heavy to carry!

Colin Lea said...

Thanks Michael, Dad once had a layout called 'Elmbury' which did this but yes the boards were heavy and due to my scenery I'm not convinced they would fit over each other very well anyway. cheers.