Friday, July 02, 2010

New peco points


Here is a new left hand peco ‘mainline’ 009 point, pictured next to the old style (which has already been modified for DCC friendliness).  Things to note about the new points (as well as the squared off modern style sleepers):

- They are longer and have a divergent angle less than that of the old style points

- They have extended sleepers at the switch and more prototypical hinges too

- The check rails are much deeper allowing stock with deeper flanges to pass through

- The rails are broken between the frog and pivot allowing easy conversion to DCC friendliness.  There are small wires bridging the gaps if you prefer not to convert them.

- The frog has a pre-soldered dropper wire attached

- Clearances at the crossing vee look better

- The end sleeper is now two individual sleepers not one joined at a near 20 degree angle

- The method of attaching the switch blades to the tiebar is completely different and is far more prototypical.  The tiebar holes are however larger which may bring problems when using point motors of a type other than peco’s own.

Overall these points look far and away better and it’s a shame they weren’t launched a few years ago when I could have made use of them.  As it goes I may be able to incorporate one at the Waunfawr end loop point, but the change of divergent angle may make this difficult, we shall see….

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