Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paint delivery day


many packets arrived for me today, with the pictured paints included:

Humbrol 2: an apple green for Upnor

15: midnight blue for 87

26: khaki – a possible for 2115 the Pullman Bodysgallen

49: matt varnish

60: buffer beam red (scarlet)

2 pots of RC423 (carmine) for FR/WHR mercedes red

Tamiya 3, another possible blue for 87 or Gelert

28: copper

53: mid grey for roofs

Revell(never used them before):

85: a red brown similar to red oxide primer

92: brass for domes, whistles etc

360: a mid green maybe for Upnor?


2300 and 2301 : BR two tone green for Vale of Ffestiniog

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