Sunday, July 11, 2010

Too hot inside, so let's hit the garage...

The hot weather has meant progress is concentrated outside.  Thomas and I thus laid the track on the new board, ensuring that the minimum radius was 12 inch and no less!  The track sits on woodland scenics 'roadbed' which apparently does a better job than cork in sound deadening.  We shall see. 

On the underside I drilled holes through the struts and added the new bus bars (14 awg multi strand wire).  Behind this sits the final 'storage' board and you may note that one of its struts is rather different - this is because I ran out of 2 by 1, but had this square piece in the garage already so decided just to use that for now.

The hidden sidings have come on well too, and here are shots of the two.  Pieces of stripwood have been added to the storage area on the right to avoid stock falling to be floor in error.  In addition I have large pieces of hardboard to pin underneath too.  The necessary track has been cut to length but I need some more copper clad sleepers before I can complete these (I am hopeful that Dad might have some when I visit next week?).

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