Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome, Gelert

Purchased on ebay late last night is this Paul Windle scratchbuilt model of Gelert, running on the WHHR.  This is a special engine for me as I have driven it(!) and thus although it looks very unlikely that Gelert would ever make it to Rhyd Ddu, I don't mind running it behind my models of the buffet car, 25 and the ex Vale of Rheidol van.

It's built on a Bachmann 0-6-0 chassis, modified to an outside framed 0-4-2.  The plastic has discoloured a little, as it has been left unpainted for a couple of years, but this should be no problem.  One other benefit for me is that the livery is very simple - very dark blue, no lining and matt black smokebox.  easy! 

Image of the real thing (thanks to flikr) are below:


Zabdiel said...

I was watching that and wondered if you'd bid on it. It looks like a nice model of a lovely engine. I look forward to seeing it painted.

Steve said...

I had an eye on it as well... good price for a "special".