Saturday, July 24, 2010


All FR/WHR carriages have now had their ends painted black and the red tidies up ready for ivory spot painting. 

Interiors have been built, painted and installed for 1000 and 101.  The people in car 1000 were chosen in shades of grey, blue and black to look more like workmen (although I suppose hi vis colours would be even better!). 

The workmens car has also had an interior built and has been painted into a better shade of green.

In the garage, the 9 bases for the new legs were installed (screwed) onto 9mm ply and that ply cut into shaped pieces ready for installation.  I also installed hinges on one of the 3ft board covers as a test to see whether the design works.

The rest of today was taken up with installing a new bathroom door.

I have however been wondering how to model the steel handrails on the WHR saloons as soldering steel is proper difficult.  I have decided to buy some nickel silver wire and solder it to brass handrail knobs, touching up the later with silver paint to obscure the brass if necessary (although the solder may also help here, being silver coloured too!).

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