Friday, July 30, 2010

Research and some more painting


Here’s two of the more unusual items of rolling stock, a heavily modified ex Vale of Rheidol brake to go on the WHHR train with Gelert or Russell… and FR carriage 37 now with people installed, roof on and painted and red/cream done. 


I’ve also been spending some time researching the details for No. 87 which is next on the list to finish ready for painting.  Luckily I have a couple of 009 models of the loco to look at: check


I also have loads of photos of the real thing to check…

There are loads of differences between the NGG16s on the WHR, but some are just going too hard to replicate such as the rear side of the water tank next to the smokebox, which has a totally different design to the later NGG16s. 

However I am going to try my best to replicate the real thing within the boundaries of time until expong, cost and ease of installation.

Areas where I can model the differences are:

- Cab roof, and shorter cab with no rear window.

- Lubricators (wakefield type)

- Most piping

- blank panel on front of water tank

- slots in front of cab (although these will be painted on in black)

- washout plugs

- differences in tank cutouts

- water tank top footboards

- steam pipe into smokebox

but I will use the castings in the kit for most of the injector/ejector gubbins as there is now not really time to get them imported from the US.

I think that’s a good compromise.

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Steve said...

Presumably the Backwoods kit pre-dates the current range of actual Garratt numbers? If so would you like some No. 87 number plates as a test?