Monday, July 12, 2010

Locomotives for expong

Highly likely (in order of likelihood)

143 (black) - complete just needs a decoder
138 (red) - broadly complete (built by Dad, work stopped until the real loco was outshopped) but needs detailing and painting
Merddin Emrys - needs paint job completing but well on
Vale of Ffestiniog - needs painting
Castell Caernarfon - needs painting
Castell Conwy - needs painting and chassis attaching properly to body
87 (blue) - engine units need attention/finishing and detailing


Russell - needs painting and electrifying
K1 - needs engine units building and painting, lining may have to wait.


Beddgelert - needs rods but chassis ready and body even painted.
Upnor Castle - lots of work to do especially to mount chassis to the body and to detail.  Risk as real engine is in works at present and may come out differently - already talk of new headlights for example.


Taliesin - other engines will take priority despite the fact it is well on.  Chassis works but is not perfectly square and this concerns me.
Prince - really needs a new chassis as I dislike ibertrens or wait for mercian kit with RTR chassis
Harlech Castle - not a WHR engine
Criccieth Castle - not a WHR engine
David Lloyd George and Lyd - still kits!

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Rob Waller said...

You gave me a chuckle with your comment about Upnor Castle. The golden rule of modelling the FR/WHR is NEVER second-guess Boston Lodge!

And even then, trying to keep up with developments on the railway is a single ticket to the funny farm - they're always fiddling with things!

At Beddgelert they've ripped out the flower beds on the station platform leaving us with a decision about what to do on Bron Hebog. Leave them on or take them off too? You'd think they'd have the courtesy to consult us modellers first wouldn't you?