Friday, July 23, 2010

Paint the carriages red


There we are 20 carriages at an advanced painting stage. Where possible the red paint that seeped under the masking tape has been removed or at least dulled by using thinners on a stubby brush.  A couple have had ivory brushed on to cover these areas and a few have had black added for their ends.  The prototype carriage (2043) which was painted early as a test, has had its chassis touched up and ends painted black.  All carriages except those that need interiors building yet – 1000, 101, 2100, workmens car and those that need painting first (bugs) have had their interiors painted and people installed/


Above are the bespoke (yes I know they’re not prototypical, but they’re close) interiors for cars 16 and 20.  Below is car 101 to show a painted car up close.


The buffet car interior had some details (tea urn, bucket, waiter etc) added too.


I don’t have time to model the interior of 2010 the service car as it is unbelievable complicated (kitchen, loo, guard’s area etc) and so the interior was painted black to better hide that their will be no interior.

Upnor has also had some details added – spot the differences!


and I’ve ordered lots of paint today:

- BR green and Sherwood green for Vale of Ffestiniog’s two tone green livery (railmatch acrylic)

- Apple green and lime green (tamiya) for Upnor

- Midnight blue (humbrol 15) for 87

- matt varnish (49 humbrol)

and emailed fox transfers about transfers for the Pullmans, the yellow stripe on Castell Caernarfon and lining for Merddin and Taliesin.

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