Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wire me up!


Here’s the underside of the station approach board.  The DCC power bus has been extended to run onto the Ffridd Isaf board (the coil of wire on the table)and then to the hidden sidings via the new board (which already has it’s bus in place). 

Previously power to the Ffridd board had been passed across via a separate connection (using an old PC serial connector), but now that the run has been extended, it makes sense to minimise voltage drop concerns by extending the power bus to the new board too.

Also the plug in tortoise socket has been soldered up ready and the necessary rectifying diodes (1N4001s) added.  I have no way of knowing from the tortoise instructions which way around the switches are wired, so it’s 50:50 that the frog polarity and LED for the point indicator are correctly wired!

Pilot holes for the tortoise have also been drilled.

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