Friday, July 02, 2010

Holiday NG interest


The stock of rail at Launceston for their extension.


Our loco was Lilian sporting a FR-style tender giving far more room on the footplate and increasing coal capacity.


Velinheli (aka first steam loco to make it to Beddgelert on the new WHR) was without wheels in the sheds.


and under the road bridge was a familiar sight…


oh and Dad got us a footplate ride on the way back!


I mentioned the Purbeck mining museum, here is progress as I saw it.


At the L+B, Thomas cabbed ‘Axe’


and we rode the short distance to Killington Lane. 


Pecorama was fun…


They have a 7 1/4 inch gauge Linda too!

and the highlight for me was the layout ‘Catalunia’ which features a 6 minute sequence where the sun rises and later sets, the lighting changing gradually throughout with different and relevant background music.  Difficult to explain so here’s a video of part of the sequence:

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