Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progress on many fronts

Firstly Dad visited today to show me progress on a few things.  An FR gunpowder wagon (mercian kit) has been painted matt black.  Why you ask? Well it was easy and ready for painting so it was painted!


Dad also brought the Pullman obs so I could mark the window positions and then build the interior.  This I have done and it will be sprayed grey tomorrow.


Dad has also made progress on Castell Caernarfon (black chassis, off white roof, red buffer beams etc) and some other bits.  On Tuesday he has promised a Garratt week to get on top of the NGG16s!

In my paint shop, I’ve painted van 2 with the red ends and details whilst also replacing some glazing, adding people inside, removing the bars on the windows and reaffixing the roof).  As I had the orangey-red colour out, I finished off a FR quarrymans car too.

Finally carriage 38 had its ends painted in that red plus one coat of ivory around the windows.  I am however not totally happy with the ivory, it either fails to cover or leaves blobs, even when mixed properly and slightly thinned.  weird stuff and not like the rest of the excellent humbrol acrylics.  I’m looking for some other ivory paints instead as this is a key colour for me.


and the DZs are looking proper quality -

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