Thursday, July 22, 2010

Painting day 2

Another mega painting day at dad’s and the results are good…

FR carriages 16 and 20 had their chassis painted by Dad prior to the day  in red oxide, black on the railings. The bodies were also in grey primer. I sprayed the bodies green using a mix of mostly malachite green with a little Brunswick.  This has worked well.  The ends were sprayed red oxide too.

Stupidly I left what I thought was to be my WHR/FR red at home (railmatch 311 BR crimson) so we tried using humbrol 423 and actually it is perfect, possibly better than the other as it is less bright and gives a slightly dull almost weathered look to the paintwork, which works well on a model.  This red, slightly diluted with acrylic thinner was airbrushed (two coats) onto both sides of:


2060 (which for some reason was the bogey carriage of the day – everything went wrong with this one)
2010 and 2090

However on some of the carriages the red did seep under the masking tape, so a program of using thinner to remove will have to be enacted. 

So, the next steps would be:

- Clean up red paint with thinners where seeped under the masking tape

- Add glazing using clearfix as an adhesive

- Paint ends black, paint roofs where required.

- add vac pipes, bogies and couplings

- attach interior after people added and seats painted

- other finer detail such as electric boxes etc cannot be accomplished for expong but will be added later.

There also remain a few carriages not painted beyond primer yet:


- 2 NWNGR summer cars, pickering brake and NWNGR No.1 brake into crimson lake.

- Buffet car, 23, 3 x bugs and workmens into green

- Ashbury 25 and summer 24 into maroon

On locos, we focussed on diesels:

Upnor had roof rain strips added and was cleaned up. It just needs a few extra details now and then is ready for primer.

Castell Caernarfon was cleaned up, primed in red oxide and sprayed with 3 coats of enamel BR crimson (railmatch), it may need a couple more coats too as that stuff is thin!

Vale of Ffestiniog had a lot of attention with front handrails and lamp bracket added, steps attached as firmly as we could and the new holes in the roof squared off. It was then primed grey.

Other progress : Mum has kindly finished the curtains for the base of the layout (thanks!) and added the velcro.  job done.

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