Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pullman 2115 interior

Last night I glued all the bogie pivots into place on the relevant carriages, some 16 of them. 

I then started work on Pullman 2115, before realising that the bogie pivots were at least 5mm away from centre, I suspect because the pilot holes etched on the 'kit' were incorrect.  So the interior had to be removed, the captive nuts unsoldered and cleaned up, new holes drilled, new nuts added, the interior replaced and the bogie pivots installed.  30mins to put that right!

I've also painted one of the seats with tamiya green-yellow which frankly is gold, not greeny at all.  Once this is dry I'm going to try dotting on blue bits to try and represent the gold and blue moquette in the Pullman. 

I've also been experimenting with methods of fixing bemos and bachmann bemo copies to bogies.  More on that soon.

and if you're not following it already, my man Rob has made more progress on the DZs - http://bostonlargsworks.blogspot.com/


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