Wednesday, July 14, 2010


FR coach balconies 006 FR coach balconies 001 FR coach balconies 002 FR coach balconies 004 FR coach balconies 002 FR coach balconies 003 FR coach balconies 004 FR coach balconies 005

I left two carriages (bowsider 20 and iron framed bogie 16) with Dad for attention to their end railings.  Dad found time to sort these out and here are the details of how:

1. Solder a length of straight wire (approx 4mm gauge) through the holes in the etched (worsley) balcony rail.  There were 8 of these wires on the 2 coaches.
2. Make a 90 deg bend in both wires at the same time (I used an aluminium hair clip to get the bend in exactly the same place on both
3. Drill 2 holes for the wires in the coach end piece (at solebar level)
- they needed to be 3mm from the top edge and at 7.5mm centres.
4. Solder the wires into the holes and also to the end plates.
5. Whilst holding the balcony rail with pliers next to where it joins the support wires, carefully bend the rail to the required curve and solder it's end to the outer edges of the end plates.
6. It is possible to adjust the assembly by using a soldering iron on the top join of the support wires and carefully moving the rail up or down the wire as necessary.

PS there is meant to be a height difference between these two types of carriage – see this photo:


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