Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Bored in a hotel in Wetherby last night, I took along some acrylic paint, superglue and my box of seated people.  These are the first test interiors.

Only some of my seated people fitted and others will have to have surgery to their feet to get them in, but I am generally very happy with the result.  A nice mix of colours in clothing was possible too.

On one coach the resin cast seats had been added after the black chassis colour had been sprayed on, so I painted straight onto the yellowy resin and it’s fair to say there is a colour difference, despite two coats!  However I am really happy with the darker red on the other interiors (on top of grey primer).  This same red will be used for carriage sides, but on top of ivory it will be different again (hopefully just right).

Oh and I really can’t be bothered with tables at the moment, sorry!  (I may add them later but not for expong). 


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