Monday, July 05, 2010

Houston, we have a problem


Above is how the layout should appear at expong.  Below is the first hidden sidings board (Beddgelert end) coming along nicely…


and the first of the wixroyd catches installed (as suggested by JdF of county gate).


Now the other hidden sidings has to feed the Ffridd Isaf end via a small aperture 2 and a bit inches from the edge (sorry about the shocking carpet – it lines the garage!).


Here’s that hidden sidings board.  Except that I noticed (it took me a while!) that the board in its current state would only allow one of the traverser roads to feed the layout!  ah.


Really the feed needs to be central to the hidden sidings board (where the pencil mark is below).  The problem there would be that a good foot of the Ffridd Isaf board would then not be visible.


So I had a good think and have decided to add a board (!) which will swing the line back 180 degrees and feed the hidden sidings in the middle. 

Luckily I had already created two four feet boards for another project so the top was taken off, sawn in half and reattached.  Then another piece of 9mm ply hanging around the garage was cut to overlap the edges (the 180 degree turn more than 2 feet width to swing around). 

A small gap between the two was filled with polyfilla (and will be sanded) and then I used my 12 and 15 inch radius tracksettas to mark out the new line.  As it happens the overhang on the other side is not required and can be cut off.

100_0675 100_0676

I will also now need an extra trestle and 2 extra legs(!).

However out of all this, there is some benefit, which is that the layout is now not as long.  It would have been 16 feet long and is now 14 feet but will be slightly wider by 150mm.



Zabdiel said...

When you include the space you'd have needed behind the HS2 board the new configuration is probably narrower. My first though was a 90 degree swing, since the length of the HS2 board is almost certainly less than the width space required to operate it.

Colin Lea said...

true, and the new configuration also makes operation nicer as the two operators are closer together.